About Us

Our present activities involve following :

BRAIDING INDUSTRY : We work with Herzog GmbH, Germany, who are market leaders in this field. Braiding is a small word but covers a wide range of fields like Aviation, Automobiles, Space, Rigging, Shipping, Medical, Electrical insulations, Sportech, Builtech & many more applications. Further details of products can be had by contacting us or from www.herzog-online.com

COATING & LAMINATION : Here we work with 3 European companies, Fermor srl, Italy, I Coats N.V, Belgium & Dotcoat GmbH, Germany.

FERMOR is in providing coating/finishing machines for different threads like : MEDICAL –sutures thread coating machines, Dental floss coating machines. TECHNICAL TEXTILE-sewing thread coating machines, HT fibres & ropes coating upto dia.48mm, stretching machines for sewing. The study, the knowledge and experience gained in the field, make it possible to apply the technology in a very broad field, not only with regard to the materials to be treated (sewing thread, natural fibers, and high tenacity fibers such as synthetic ropes dyneema, glass fiber, kevlar, etc., but also the type of treatment and finishing the same. Further details of products can be had by contacting us or from fermortextile.com

I-Coats N.V. Innovative Coating Solutions, located in Belgium, was founded in 2006, as a spinoff from GOVI N.V. to provide the market of fibers, rope, netting and wire rope with solutions for the applications of finishes and coatings. I-Coats’s mission statement: The continuous innovation of the product performance of fibers, ropes, nets and wires by developing and tailoring finishes and coatings or other material applications. Further details of products can be had by contacting us or from i-coats.be

WSF Textile Machines, China. WSF offers customised solution for high value filament yarns in the field of value addition & winding. Machines like Draw winder, Hank to cone & other tailor-made winding solutions. Further details of products can be had by contacting us.

WIRE Mesh Weaving Machines
We have now collaborated with Xiangan Wire Mesh Weaving Machines Co. Ltd. China, who are the best and reliable manufacturers of special looms for making Wire mesh of all types. This company has been manufacturing Wire Mesh looms for the past two decades. We have our own R & D teams and hence are able to offer specialized machines for specialized qualities of Wire mesh.

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B) VALUE FOR MONEY : With our experience, we have several approaches to your success. Some projects can only be success if work with upgraded or refurbished equipment available at lower than costs of new machines, from developed countries. So we provide services to :
1.Source the complete plants & machines working as per clients requirements.
2. Offer pre-owned equipments or plants to balance / upgrade the capacities or increase the existing capacities for better costing.